Sandwich Panels


Polyiscyanurate (PIR) an improvement on polyurethane (PUR). The chemical formulation is different than PUR to take care of better fire resistance.

Classifications : Smoke production – S1, S2, S3 classes release of flaming droplets – D0, D1, D2, classes with the higher classes given to the material showing higher smoke production and flaming droplets release.


 PUF Panels

PUF Panels are lightweight, energy-efficient and durable panels suitable for diverse applications, PUF panels consist of a rigid core sandwiched between sheet metal structural boards. PUF insulated sandwich panels integrate joists and studs, insulation, vapor and air barriers. Easy to install and affordable, the typical applications of PUF insulated panels include exterior wall, roof, and foundation systems of industrial and commercial buildings, cold storages, warehouses and prefab structures.

Application : Among the several uses of polyurethane, rigid foam is one, which can unique insulation capabilities. This makes PUF panels ideal for building walls and roofs. Also, PUF panels can be used while remodelling homes. The insulation capability of PUF panels can save huge electricity costs, maintaining uniform temperature inside the building.