Turnkey Insulation Projects

As of today, we have one of the pioneer in Design Solutions, Supply, and Execution of various Cold Chain Projects including:

  • Pre-cooling System, with mobile pre-cooling where needed.
  • Refrigerated Infrastructure required at Rural Markets - various State Agriculture Marketing Board assignments.
  • Transit Cold Storage / Storage Facilities.
  • Refrigerated Transport System.
  • Refrigerated Railway Wagons.
  • Refrigerated Cargo Containers.
  • Cold Storages / CA Storages / ULO Storages.
  • Refrigerated Retail Outlets.

In Indian market, we are known as Total Solution Company with single point responsibility for Design, Manufacturing, Supply, Application and field Erection. The forward integration program of our company implemented during last 20 years has evolved the different business lines which are complementing to our activities in Cold Chain Sector. We offer comprehensive solution including Pre-engineered Buildings to our clients.

With Metal Roofing and Cladding, Sorting and Grading Lines, Insulated Sandwich Panels, Cold Rooms, Ripening Rooms, CA Stores and other special Enclosures.

We have been associated with various companies for different systems which forms a complete Cold Chain.

Minsulate Manufacturing leads the industry when it comes to refrigerated distribution facilities. Unlike other construction companies who do a little bit of everything, Minsulate Manufacturing focuses all of its attention on building and improving refrigerated distribution facilities.

With knowledge gained as Contractor for various types of refrigerated warehouse spaces, MINSULATE MANUFACTURING  can help solve refrigerated distribution issues right down to the last detail. We know what it takes to run these facilities day in and day out, because we have experience of each & every situation.
We have constructed complete facility and Distribution of foods and associated products to foodservice establishments such as hotels, restaurants, caterers, flight kitchens, fast food chains, etc.

We have been associated with the only ORGANIZED foodservices distribution company in India ensuring product integrity throughout the supply chain.

The designs are scalable and replicable to handle diverse environments in India and overseas.

The facility has post harvest infrastructure for grading, sorting, portioning and packaging of produce.

We have constructed the largest and most advanced cold storage complex, run and managed by a private entrepreneur in India.

This pioneer in the country in providing facilities like grading, sorting, repacking, dry warehousing, trans-shipment and container stuffing facilities etc within single premises is a valued Minsulate Manufacturing's customer.


Post Harvest Management -Reference Highlights


Benefits to our client

  • Streamlined Project Cycle
  • Single-Point of Accountability
  • Deep Knowledge of construction of Distribution Centres
  • Experience Gained Over History Of Successful Projects
  • Tight Integration Between Design, Engineering, Execution and Personnel
  • Measurable Results … Faster

Core Strength
Minsulate Manufacturing is committed to

  • Quality
  • Maintaining and Improving on project specifications &
  • To complete assignments to prescribed time schedules.
  • The company is proud of its excellent safety record and safe working practices at site.
  • Lloyd Insulation is an ISO 9001-2000 Organization.

Simply put, we have 20 years of general contracting experience and we have leaved by the simple business philosophy of meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Our contracting work has been to build on time and within budget. This core philosophy has allowed us to maintain lasting relationships with leading Corporate Houses that span decade.